Beginning to Finish

So I have made a good amount of progress with my comic and I’d like to show where it is at currently. Do note that I am doing this particular comic for a drawing class and that class has specific rules that I have to follow, one of them being ‘No color’ so it doesn’t look exactly how I imagined, but I’m still proud to show where it is at currently.

The premise I started with was a young guy wanting to learn magic, so he decides to contact a famous wizard who just so happens to be an ancestor of his. This comic not only takes that idea and runs with it, but also shows what can happen when a total noob tries to do magic without any training.

There is no shading in this current version, that is not a style choice or a mistake, I just haven’t gotten to the shading part yet. As my process goes from doodles to drawings, then from drawings to full size panels in pencil (so I can erase since I’m never satisfied), and lastly I ink them which is where the shading takes place. I am currently in the process of inking them which is why some lines are bolder and darker than others. My apologies if anything is hard to see or read, these are hand done, and mine are not the hands of an artist.

Anyways let me know what you think of the comic so far, you can let me know what you thought of the art, the story or the layout, really anything at all. You can even tell me everything I did wrong and what you don’t like, because that helps too!

6 thoughts on “Beginning to Finish

  1. I see a bit of Charmed in your background. Do you subscribe to anime work? Will you convert it over when you are allowed color and shading? I’d like to see this same cell later in your work when it’s more layered.


    1. Charmed? I can see why you thought that, but honestly most of the magic type stuff was pulled from a Google search for “magic symbols” I won’t be able to color it unless I remake the entire thing I plan on trying to work digitally in the future but that will take time to learn.


  2. Travis, what the picture conveys to me is the student is using the board to communicate. The wizard is answering. That seems clear. I’m trying to make sense of the shovel in the corner. I like the concept. Your drawing is better than I could do. I like that you’re willing to share it with this class.


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