Final Product

I finally got around to finishing the shading on the panels and I am ready to present them, I do wish the project had allowed for color as I believe color would have brought another layer to the images that grey-scale just can’t achieve.

This was a fun project to work on and making all of the panels and planning out the staging was really eye opening. I tried to keep the panels very basic, just large squares and no overlapping panels or panels within panels. These are things I will definitely be playing with in my next comic. Let me know what you think of the comic overall in the comments down below, and if the story interests you and you want to see where the story goes from here let me know that too!

2 thoughts on “Final Product

  1. Jessica

    I actually don’t mind the gray, I think it looks great. I’m not much of a comic reader, but I’m super impressed by the time and meticulous effort that goes into something like this. Nicely done!


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